Students from the Osteopathy Academy of FICO are recognized and licensed to work as an osteopath. They can become member of health insurance organisations and health insurance companies (in Belgium & the Netherlands). Numerous professional organsations recognise the diploma of the Osteopathy Academy of FICO.


Cedeo is the independent certification body for organizations actve in the field of human resources improvement. Cedeo grants the label 'Cedeo-approved'. Cedeo confers this label based on customer satisfaction, quality, continuity and business orientation. Thus, Cedeo is the only specialized agency for auditing and certifying of HR service providers. Cedeo is part of Lloyd's Register Netherlands B.V.

K.P. van der Mandelelaan 41a
3062 MB Rotterdam

U.K.O. - Union for diplomated physiotherapists and osteopaths

U.K.O. wants to ensure the competence of the members and the proper practice of the profession of osteopathy. U.K.O. also wants to promote the relation with all colleagues and professional organisations, and pursue good collegiality. 

Plezantstraat 26
B - 9220 Hamme
T. +32 (0)55 21 69 60

Health insurance

Our diplomated graduates (DO) are also enlisted in the database of recognized professional osteopaths by the existing health insurance organisations. Treatments performed by these osteopaths can be refunded partially. Thanks to the effort of the mentioned professional unions, more and more private health insurance companies are providing refund for osteopathic treatments. 


The professional organizations representing osteopaths in Belgium reside in the 'Groepering der Nationale Representatieve Professionele Osteopaten'.

Charles Madouxlaan 59
B - 1160 Brussel
T. +32 (0)2 512 35 89

NVO - Dutch Organisation of Osteopathy

The NVO is a democratic organisation which protects the interests of its members, osteopaths. The board maintains contact with the government and health insurance companies, and takes initiatives for various consulting both within and outside the profession. The NVO is committed to scientific foundation of the profession and facilitates the foundation of osteopathic scientific reasearch (SWOO).

Janssoniuslaan 32
3528 AJ Utrecht
T. +31 30 304 00 63

NRO - Dutch Register for Osteopathy

Osteopathy is an individual health care discipline. In the Netherlands, osteopathy is not regulated by the government. The regulation and supervision of quality is done by the Dutch Register for Osteopathy (NRO). The NRO is appointed by the professional organsisation NVO  to act as a quality register for osteopathy in the Netherlands, but has an independent position. The NRO consists among others of a Registration committee, Accreditation committee, Complaints committee, Board of Supervision and a Board of Appeals. 

Janssoniuslaan 32
3528 AJ Utrecht
T. +31 30 3040015

ASI - The Austrian Standard Institute

The ASI stands for the Austrian Standards Institute, a non-profit service organisation, established in 1920. The ASI was the institute which guided the CEN norm for osteopathy. The ASI also trains auditors which check schools to see if they meet the CEN standard for osteopathy. The Osteopathy Academy of Osteopathy is the only Belgian school which is ASI certified. 

Heinestrasse 38
1020 Vienna
T. +43 1213000

FORE - The Forum for Osteopathic Regulation

The Forum for Osteopathic Regulation in Europe (FORE) seeks to enhance the protection of patients in Europe by promoting the wider recognition and regulation of osteopaths and high standards of osteopathic treatment.

The Osteopathy Academy actively cooperates with the FORE and supports it's development.

Osteopathy House
176 Tower Bridge Road
London SE1 3LU
United Kingdom
T. +44 207 357 6655

EFO - European Federation of Osteopaths

The EFO represents the lead professional assocations of qualified osteopaths around Europe, working together to share good practice and push standards across the profession.

The Osteopathy Academy supports the development of the EFO and actively contributes to its educational projects.

UVO - Unie van Osteopaten

The graduated students of the Osteopathy Academy of FICO are recognized by the professional organization UVO (Unie van Osteopaten). This is an official professional association, regognized by the Belgian government. Any further information can be gained at the following coordinates:

Jos op de Beecklaan 26
B - 2610 Wilrijk
T. +32 3 827 94 68

KMO portefeuille CEDEO erkend

The kmo-portefeuille is a financial supoort of the Flanders government for entrepreneurs when buying educational and advisory services.

Agentschap Innoveren & Ondernemen
Koning Albert II - laan 35 bus 12 
B - 1030 Brussel 
T. 1700
F. +32 2 553 37 88 


The Osteopathy Academy strives for an NVAO accreditation.

The Dutch-Flemish Accreditation Organisation (NVAO) was installed in 2005 as an independent, binational accrediting organsiation, by the Dutch and Flemish government, to give a objective judgement about the quality of higher and university educations in the Netherlands and Flanders.

Tasks of the NVAO:

  1. checking and assuring the quality and level of the higher educations in the Netherlands and Flanders;
  2. improving the quality within the higher education

Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO)
Visiting Address: Parkstraat 28 / 2514 JK The Hague 
Postal Address: P.O. Box 85498 / 2508 CD The Hague
The Netherlands
T. +31 70 312 2300


CEN, the European Committee for Standardization, is an association that brings together the National Standardization Bodies of 34 European countries.

CEN is one of three European Standardization Organizations (together with CENELEC and ETSI) that have been officially recognized by the European Union and by the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) as being responsible for developing and defining voluntary standards at European level.

CEN-CENELEC Management Centre
Avenue Marnix 17
B - 1000 Brussels

T. + 32 2 550 08 11


OsEAN is a group of like-minded osteopathc educational institutions with a common mission:

  • to develop a standardized model of osteopathic education 
  • to stimulate collaboration between its member schools 
  • to establish and develop common reasearch streams 
  • to achieve academic recognition for osteopathy in all countries
  • to establish high academic teaching standards for osteopathic lecturers 
  • to stimulate student exchange in between its member schools