Student exchange to CEESO Lyon

Osteopathy Student Exchange

Fico challenges the students to think broad ..., expanding their knowledge and attitudes also wider then Belgium …: participate in the Fico student exchange!  Expand your osteopathic horizons and go with the Fico student exchange to CEESO Lyon.
CEESO is one of the top schools of France and is an OsEAN member school.
The Fico student exchange week will take place from Monday 2nd until Friday 5th of November 2015.
Lectures are given on short lever manipulations, pelvis & gynaeco techniques. The lectures fee is covered by Fico and teachings are in English.
Apart from the teachings, check out the CEESO clinic and participate in the patient treatment sessions to experience another way of approach.
The exchange is open for Fico Be & PL students and come on a first come first served basis.  The faster you subscribe, the bigger the chances are that we can lodge you with a local student, the best way to experience an exchange.  Meet the CEESO students, get to know their methods of approach and discover the city of Lyon, it will be an experience you will remember and cherish.
Email to subscribe and widen your horizons!