Hands with Heart: osteopathic pediatrics - bootcamp in Bali

Hands With Heart

Hands with Heart is a non-profit charity foundation that provides help to those who need it the most. The foundation is founded by osteopath Jorge Aranda, who combines the passion of helping people with the passion of training osteopaths.

Hands with Heart organizes apprenticeship bootcamps of 2 weeks in Bali, combining pediatric osteopathy with theory and clinical practice classes on pediatrics.

The apprenticeship is a combination of 50 hours of theory classes and supervised clinical work, by experienced and trained clinical tutors. Apart from the osteopathic approach, there is a multidisciplinary team, eg. with a behavioral optometrist, physical therapists specialized in neuropediatric. The treatment team is multinational, so you learn and exchange techniques and clinical concepts of all around the world.

Last group did over 300 treatments in 2 weeks in a team of 18 therapists from 7 different countries. The patients are neonates to young adolescents. Most of the patients are disabled. Not only are the patients treated, but the relatives of the patients are instructed to help the revalidation as well as training is also provided to local healthcare providers so they can continue treating the children.

The treatments are mostly in different Centers (orphanages, special schools, residencies), but some treatments are also home visits. This way the participant learns Bali from an internal point of view. Transport to the different locations is provided.

Classes and treatments are in the morning until afternoon (9h-afternoon, depending on teachers planning and transport to the treatment locations). In the late afternoon and weekends the participants can get to explore nature & culture. Day trips and events can be organized for them, to enjoy the trip to the fullest.

Most pediatric courses are theoretical courses or use mannikins to practice on. This bootcamp combines theory with real clinical work, under supervision and with personal feedback. An additional characteristic is that the patient can be monitored and checked through out the 15 days so the therapist can follow up with the progress of the treatment and see the results.

Most pediatric courses focus on the neonate patient and most regular postgraduate courses focus on the adult patient. This bootcamp does not only has neonates or adult patients but focusses on the huge gap between both patient age groups.

Live the experience of being submersed for 2 weeks in osteopathy teaching, learning and practice. Live and discuss with teachers and peers in planned and spontaneous moments. Treat patients’ multiple sessions in a row, away from time pressure, financial issues and the daily rat race of the clinic.

Not every classroom has 4 walls.

The organization helps you out with the logistics and your bootcamp price of 870 euro includes your 2 week theory & supervised practice, plus:

·       help with the social visa,

·       4-star hotel accommodation (based on a double room),

·       breakfast and lunch,

·       local transport,

·       translator (English to Indonesian),

·       uniform,

·       certificate,

·       organizing trips (to temples, jungle, ocean, …), extracurricular activities (diving, snorkeling and surfing)

·       helping to organize accommodation and activities for your family & friends in case you make the trip with your family or friends


The clinical hours count for your apprenticeship portfolio, internal practical osteopathy apprenticeship.


This is not just 2 weeks in your osteopathic life time, it is an osteopathic life time in 2 weeks.


The next group starts 2-15 August 2020 for a 2-week training. To guarantee individual tutoring, the number of participants is limited to 36. Future bootcamp dates will be planned in a year, based on availability of the clinical tutors.

The cost for Fico students is 870 euro. The plane tickets and the evening meals are not included.



Please visit the website www.handswithheart.com for more information.

Contact and subscribe: hello@handswithheart.com


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