The Osteopathy Academy

For many years the FICO Osteopathy Academy has been training physiotherapists, medical doctors, nurses, midwifes and dentists to become osteopaths. Combining the osteopathy studies with part-time or full-time work is an ideal way to attain the skills that a professional osteopath needs to treat patients. The part-time format enables the student to immediately apply the learned skills in the clinical setting of their own practice.

The curriculum is build up out of many different courses, both theoretical and practical. As the work of an osteopath is a hands – on, it’s obvious why the distribution theory – practice is 50 – 50. The theory classes will learn and repeat the subjects that you will need to build a solid basis for the practical classes.

Skills are not mastered in an one-time trial. That is why these practical classes are regularly rehearsed in skills lab trainings. During the skills labs, the teachers and assistants closely monitor the students. Personal issues or problems are quickly solved.

To make sure that classes are well managed, the teachers of the osteopathy academy have all received proper didactical training. This is of course an ongoing process. Their skills and knowledge are improved both by training as by critically analysing the feedback that they receive from the students.

The Osteopathy Academy pursues high quality osteopathy education by closely monitoring the feedback of the students and the teachers. By safeguarding the quality the Osteopathy Academy has become a reference in the European and international osteopathy landscape.